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Re: fedora core 3 goals.

On Mon, 2004-05-03 at 08:33, seth vidal wrote:
> > Cristian isn't the worlds most talkative person. He is however one of the
> > Red Hat fellows and is working very hard on all sorts of logistical crap
> > that is needed for external CVS: power, bandwidth, rack assignments, 
> > delivery dates. etc.
> so we should not expect the project leader to talk to the people he is
> supposed to be leading ABOUT the thing their being lead for?
> > Most of these kind of details involve things like Red Hat internal
> > infrastructure details, arrangements with partners and the like which are
> > not terribly open-sourceable.
> So the gist of this is:
> "Take what you get and shut up, we can't tell you anyway."
> I'm enjoying this whole more open red hat linux distribution more and
> more everyday.

Ok for your benefit I will give you the logs of a day at Red Hat. Just
change the dates, and some of the names, and it should fill in for

Day XXX:
 Got into work. Read emails about how much everyone thinks Red Hat
sucks.. some on lists, most personal. Wrote up a reply.. decided that
getting the company sued for references to potential imbreeding was not
a good idea.
 Called vendor about rackspace. The space is available but the bandwidth
available is not what asked for. Called second vendor because this is
the third time some switch-a-roo has happened.
 Got call from Murch to see him. Find out that racks from vendor were
shipped, dropped, shipped, and dropped. They say it was given to them
that way and we need to call vendor.
 Had meeting with developers on where software was at. Lots of bugs that
have shown up again in new ways.
 Had meeting with marketing on where we were at. Sub-products are
 Eat krispy kreme doughnuts for lunch.
 Had phone call with second vendor on colocation. Marketing says it
would be a win-win.. where have I heard that one before <see last week
and the week before logs>.
 Global support has a bug in software package XXX. Last worked on it in
2002 but the new maintainer is out sick.. 
 Opened a new can of instant coffee to munch on.
 Rack vendor says that they shipped the rack in a good shape and that
the shipping company is to blame (and we didnt use parcelfarce)<<see log
from 2 months ago>>.
 Phone call with Pacific collegues about bug in software package Y.
Turns out we need to talk to the maintainer in the Philipines. Call wife
to tell her I will be late (again).
 Meeting with legal and hr about email sent out last week about
'usefulness of sales-twits.' Comparing them to dung beetles was uncalled
for and offensive. Go back to computer to write apology.
 Write up apology and see that a ton more emails about how stupid RH is
and we should just use Debian. Delete mailbox to save time.
 Eat krispy kremes and week old chinese for dinner.
 Philipines calls and says they sent the patch earlier in the day and
did I get it. Go look in mailbox. Hit head on table, repeat.
 Look over options for the evening:
   Listen to developers whinge about life
     (and the debate of arch, cvs, svs or bitkeeper)
   Read mails about whinging about life.
   Fix CVS
   Quit in disgust
Code for 3 hours on CVS. See I missed an email from legal about issues
on copyrights, trademarks, sec regulations, huh what.. damn 2 am. Go

[switch dealing with code to dealing with Perl webpages/ftp servers and
this happened more times than i would like to remember.]

> -sv
Stephen John Smoogen		smoogen lanl gov
Los Alamos National Lab  CCN-5 Sched 5/40  PH: 4-0645
Ta-03 SM-1498 MailStop B255 DP 10S  Los Alamos, NM 87545
-- You should consider any operational computer to be a security problem --

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