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Re: fedora core 3 goals.

On Mon, 2004-05-03 at 09:18, Jeremy Hogan wrote:
> > Except that suggestions were given, ideas were presented and 
> > we'veheard NOTHING from either gafton or hogan since the WorldWide meeting. 
> Cristian is en route (now or very soon) to co-lo to build the needed
> systems for CVS.
> The feedback I took to the meeting was all known issues, and the net
> result was an explanation of the hold-ups:
> -hw and bandwidth became a moving target due to co-lo and related
> migrations to and from RH offices
> -the build system is full of NDA stuff, embargoed security errata, etc.
> and is not easily replicated or easily open to outside use
> And discussion of some options:
> -we could go ahead right now, with select contributors and not be able
> to scale much further, or fix all the problems at once

Go for the small number of contributors right now and then have people
work on the fix all problems at once. This waiting for the cathederal to
be built has shortened peoples tempers the most

> -we discussed ways to encourage more RH interaction on public lists
> (signal to noise ratio high at times)

Get 2-3 dedicated email monkeys. Hire from local student bodies on
work-study. Hell, hire me back and I will ... [sorry lost my head there
for a second.]

> -we need to deal with NDA and embargoed issues

Take sopwiths build system 2 code from some old backup and use that. It
is probably not scalable, etc, but might be a good first pass. [In my
day we used to ship crap.. and we liked it. Now everyone wants to have
high standards.]

> -we will be posting what we feel are the features and goals of FC3 and
> inviting feedback (this week)

I think what a lot of people are feeling that they are missing is a
conversation. Gafton isnt a email/irc guy but got things done and people
doing things when they were in a 400 meter range of his language. Get
someone who can talk to people via email/irc to front for him.

> -we should be talking about external leadership 

There was a list of things that Bill Nottingham and Elliot asked for
earlier this year that would be helpful for the project. Could someone
post which ones are still needed?

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