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Re: fedora core 3 goals.

On Mon, 2004-05-03 at 17:54, Cristian Gafton wrote:

> Currently on this team we have Warren (whom you know) and Elliot (whom you 
> also know). The agenda is putting in place the tools required to engage 
> eager folks such as yourself to contribute directly to the project. As our 
> #1 issue is the (re)organization of the internal Red Hat development 
> process, it is not surprizing that this has been treated as an internal 
> issue.

Thanks Cristian for chiming in even if only a few words here and there. 
I think everyone needs to just chill out a bit and give this thing time
to get setup/going.  No one ever gave a date on when this should happen,
or maybe even realized how long/difficult it might be to get this thing
up and going.  I'm sure they are working hard at getting this internally
setup/reorganized on how they previously setup each release, so that
they can then get the public side setup so we all can contribute and
still not cause problems on the legal/NDA/etc. end at the same time.

I think Red Hat went out on a limb and went ahead and told everyone what
was going to happen with changing to Fedora and letting us in on how
this thing will work in general.  They didn't even have to do that and
just continue working as they were until it was all ready then made the
switch/announcement.  We are already helping even more than before, so
let's take things one step at a time.  Keep helping recommend what you
can during all this and continue to track bugs and such and wait until
we get the green light then we can see where we are in the scheme of

(Now, upon saying all of that, maybe it might help if there was a list
or something that some Red Hat folks and few external folks can
talk/discuss what is going on and needs to get it going so that it's an
easy transition to the contribution side of things and such?  Such as
external folks used to submitting packages/fixes/bugs/code via cvs or
however on major projects and their experiences on what they went
through to make it easier?  Maybe a private list or something? *shrug*)

Anyway, patiently await things myself to see what happens and how it all
turns out.

(Oh yea, did I cheese eat enough yet to get my @redhat.com addy yet?

Mike Chambers
Madisonville, KY

"It's only funny until someone gets hurt...Then it's hilarious!"

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