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Re: fedora core 3 goals.

> Ok for your benefit I will give you the logs of a day at Red Hat. Just
> change the dates, and some of the names, and it should fill in for
> Fedora.

I wanted to fill you in on my average day, too. Just to make sure we're
on a similar page.

1. get up, scroll through fedora-*-list see what's going on
2. do admin mail for work
3. go to office
4. hop on the irc cabal, ask what the status is on things, specifically
if anyone has heard what's up for cvs and for external infrastructure
5. hear nothing, go back to divining from tea leaves what's going on.
6. do the rest of my job all day and hope that I can guess the
directions and motives that red hat will take toward their open project,

I've done this, more or less, for the better part of 2 months. We did it
before gafton came on too. It's not new.

We all work hard, we all do our jobs, some of us are trying to help with
fedora outside of our jobs, too, so please, I understand red hat
employees have stress, but they don't have the patent on it.

I, and others, are asking for communication.


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