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Re: fedora core 3 goals.

> You wait a little while longer :-)  Stuff is happening.  We're sorry that
> it's taking a little more time that was originally hoped for, but resources
> are being devoted and the fruit of their labor will be obvious shortly.
> Instead of complaining about what hasn't happened, let's start talking
> about what needs to happen with the direction of the project . . .

I originally just asked what was happening and what needs to happen.
That is all I've ever asked for, communication. How do you talk about
directions without having some input from the leadership as to what
directions things should take.

IT's not like I just started asking about this today. It's been going on
for months.

I'm glad there has finally been some comments from gafton today, it's a
shame this thread was required to make it happen.


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