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Re: fedora core 3 goals.

> There is a very obvious reason why that is happening. Most of the things
> that I am working on now are fixing issues inside Red Hat, and for that I 
> do need first and foremost the help and assistance of the Red Hat folks.
So we can't even hear that it's occurring? I'm not asking for input
necessarily. I am asking for knowledge of what is happening. Just
knowing that there are problems with embargoed packages or knowing that
there are legal issues with non-employee contributions, this is valuable
information. This makes people realize what it is you're doing.

Just communicate. Look back through every message I've posted on this
subject. They're all the same point - Talk to us: where us == people
interested in helping with fedora development. If you don't want to talk
on a list, talk in a blog, if you don't want to talk in a blog, tell
Colin Charles and he can post it to the fedora weekly news. But tell us
things. If you've ever been a manager or have ever been managed you know
what a status report is.

Send them, every week, every two weeks, let the people who want to be
involved in this open source community/project know what's up, what
you're doing.

> Currently on this team we have Warren (whom you know) and Elliot (whom you 
> also know). The agenda is putting in place the tools required to engage 
> eager folks such as yourself to contribute directly to the project. As our 
> #1 issue is the (re)organization of the internal Red Hat development 
> process, it is not surprizing that this has been treated as an internal 
> issue.

Why not hear about this before today? Is there any part of this that is
protected in some way? 

> I hate telling people to wait a bit more, but for now that'll have to do.
> A lot of folks are working their tails off to get this thing done 
> correctly and at some point in the future this will make for a very 
> entertaining read. For now, this is just the way things are.

telling people to wait a bit more can get frustrating. However, not as
frustrating as people asking 'what's up' and getting silence for months
on end.


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