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Re: fedora core 3 goals.

> (Now, upon saying all of that, maybe it might help if there was a list
> or something that some Red Hat folks and few external folks can
> talk/discuss what is going on and needs to get it going so that it's an
> easy transition to the contribution side of things and such?  Such as
> external folks used to submitting packages/fixes/bugs/code via cvs or
> however on major projects and their experiences on what they went
> through to make it easier?  Maybe a private list or something? *shrug*)
> Anyway, patiently await things myself to see what happens and how it all
> turns out.

There are already cabals(what you just suggested) involving various
folks. The cabals are where you're hearing most of the heat coming from.
They've not gotten any answers at all for months, despite asking.

Ask Michael Johnson to comment on the cabals and what happened right
before he left. Look at the lists, this isn't the first time people have
asked these questions, this is just the loudest time.


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