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Re: gaim x86-64 broken protocols

Warren Togami wrote:

gaim-0.77-3's yahoo authentication is broken on x86-64, but it works on ppc32 and i386. We need your help in finding the fix for this within the next 2-3 days. Additionally the Novell Groupwise and Zephyr protocols are also broken on x86-64, but they are of lower priority to our userbase.


These are the two relevant source files.

Please notify us in #gaim and this mailing list thread if you have solved the problem.

Upstream gaim believes Zephyr actually works on x86-64, but Novell Groupwise and Yahoo remain broken. I will do a final rebuild of gaim early May 6th that will either disable these protocols on x86-64, or patch them if a fix is found before this deadline.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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