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Self-introduction: Stuart Children

Hi all

I'm now going to be spending some time actually working on some packages, so here's a proper introduction...

1. Full legal name:

Stuart Children

2. Country, City

UK, London

3. Profession or Student status

IT Developer

4. Company or School

Guardian Unlimited (http://www.guardian.co.uk/)

5. Your goals in the Fedora Project

* Which packages do you want to see published?

   Right now I am working on packages for the enlightenment
   window manager. I also intend to get some useful Perl modules
   packaged up.

* Do you want to do QA?

Definitely for packages I have an interest in.

* Anything else special?

   I have an interest in desktop integration work, though how much
   time I have available to code on this will vary.

6. Historical qualifications

* What other projects have you worked on in the past?

   No major contributions to anything that big, but many small
   patches all over the shop from the Linux kernel to Perl modules.
   I am currently rewriting ppstats (a Perl script to create statistics
   from the log files of the distributed.net personal proxy).

* What computer languages and other skills do you know?

   Recently I've mainly been using TCL, Perl, shell scripting, along
   with some Java, C, and JavaScript. I work a fair bit with XML,
   HTML/CSS, and databases.

* Why should we trust you?

   Trust is built up over time. Read my public postings (here and
   elsewhere). Look at my code. Observe my contributions. Finally,
   come and meet me in person! [1]

7. GPG KEYID and fingerprint

  pub 1024D/C3D17B95 2000-02-21 Stuart Children <stuart terminus co uk>
  Key fingerprint = 649E 13D0 A9B8 7F54 3505  98F0 B71D 36F9 C3D1 7B95
  sub 1024g/976DDBA8 2000-02-21

[1] Is anyone interested in a Fedora developers/contributors social gathering in central London? Nothing too formal, just put faces to names, drink some beer, enjoy the sun (once this rain clears up), chat about our favourite head gear, and perhaps some do some key signing?



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