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Help Needed: Readahead Optimization Data

We need your help in order to collect data for readahead service optimization. Services readahead_early and readahead read files on a list into buffer memory in the background during system startup. By optimizing both lists, we can make system bootup time faster and more efficient, with the goal of reaching the gdm login screen in the least amount of time.

We have provided a modified kernel below, and Markus Lidel has developed a simple tool and database to collect readahead statistical information. We need a wide variety of data from different FC2 latest installations of desktop, workstation, and server profiles. We also need data from both i686 and x86-64 users, as lib64 requires its own readahead lists due to different file locations.

Data collected in Markus' database will be used on Thursday to compile the readahead lists that will ship in FC2.

Readahead Data Submission Procedure

1) Install this test kernel.
Installing this kernel disables readahead and readahead_early services. It is IMPORTANT that these services are disabled during your readahead test boot or results will be wildly inaccurate.
You can be sure they are disabled with:
chkconfig readahead off
chkconfig readahead_early off

2) boot like you would normally, but don't touch the computer for 3 minutes.

3) Run this tool. http://www.shadowconnect.com/redhat/readahead/import.pl

4) Uninstall test kernel.
This step automatically enables both readahead and readahead_early services.

For Optional Offline Operation
If your FC2 latest + test kernel machine does not have an Internet connection, obtain a dmesg.txt file with the following command:

dmesg -s 524288 > dmesg.txt

Then transfer dmesg.txt to another computer with Internet. With the dmesg.txt in the current directory, run the perl script. The dmesg.txt will be transfered to the server.

Special thanks to Markus Lidel for working all day on preparing this easy data collection mechanism.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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