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Re: yum feature?!

Le mer, 05/05/2004 Ã 10:21 -0400, seth vidal a Ãcrit :

> > I'm afraid even on a local network downloads are not so fast it's
> > scrolling madly. On a normal broadband link there is not much in yum to
> > show things are actually progressing and not stuck on a mirror.
> The progress bars on download aren't enough information?

Well, with *big* rpms (openoffice.org comes to mind), no, it just takes
too long for the bar to change. A realtime download rate would help

> When a mirror
> fails over it says it's executing the failover.

It's not always intuitive to correlate the slow download rate with the
fact a failover occurred 50 packages before - especially if yum is
running in a term one is only casually monitoring.

> > More than cryptic messages users hate stuff that seems stuck doing
> > nothing. All the daunting apt reporting at least shows magic is
> > currently happening. (and a lot of people do know how to interpret it
> > btw)
> I'm not sure when it is that yum gets stuck doing things and not
> reporting any information.

It's not really stuck - it just has the appearance of being stuck, since
sometime nothing changes for a long time. Just like a stupid hourglass
cursor, having changing stuff gives the users the warm feeling something
is going on, even when the actual download rate is exactly the same as
if there were no reporting at all.


Nicolas Mailhot

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