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Re: Gnome 2.6.1 and FC2

tir, 04.05.2004 kl. 19.21 -1000, skrev Warren Togami:
> Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > I think 2.6.1 would be fine post-FC2-release, just put it in staging
> > area for a bit and use it ourselves and if nothing horrible happens push
> > it out as an update. Probably not a good idea during the freeze though.
> > Basically, push 2.6.1 into Fedora when Fedora is in the same state that
> > GNOME was in when GNOME pushed 2.6.1 in GNOME.
> > 
> > I saw someone mention that we may have some packages that aren't up to
> > 2.6.0 though (epiphany perhaps?), we should be sure to fix those by
> > Friday probably if there are any. Don't want to ship betas.
> > 
> > Havoc
> Rawhide: epiphany-1.1.12-0
> http://www.gnome.org/projects/epiphany/
> Latest Stable: epiphany-1.2.4

Actually, epiphany is at 1.2.5 as of yesterday.

- Planner/mrproject could go up to 0.11 also I think?
- libgtop in rawhide is at 2.5.2

And I hope to push 2.6.1 out this week assuming I get the last remaining
tarballs sorted out.


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