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Re: 3CDs instead of 4

On Wed, 2004-05-05 at 12:24, Erik Arnson wrote:
> I haven't bought a 650MB CD-R in a long time.  I always make sure I've
> got the 700MB CD-R.  I do agree on the idea of 700MB ISOs.  I don't
> think a lot of people use 650MB CDs anymore.  I hate to toy with the
> idea of downloading 4 ISOs one-after-another.  As time goes on the

In the past, there have been too many people who found that their
machine they wanted to run a 700 MB cdrom was only 650 or that it didnt
do 700 as well as it should. Then the mailing lists get filled with
howls of how RH is conspiring with hardware manufacturers to force
people to buy new computers.

I think it is a little late in the release cycle to make a possibly ugly
decision like this. I would suggest it be put in the FC3 cycle as one of
the changes (releases will be 700MB and DVD ISO).

Stephen John Smoogen		smoogen lanl gov
Los Alamos National Lab  CCN-5 Sched 5/40  PH: 4-0645
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-- You should consider any operational computer to be a security problem --

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