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project to get desktop items to follow HIG so it can get included in FC3

I was thinking: if we just put all the package there Name=, GenericName=, Comment= lines
(only the english version) on a wiki and let people add a better name, genericname, etc following the HIG.


After 2 months the best one's are selected. Then people can start translating it to there language.
After 3 months after the freezing date. So after there translated. The results are put in .desktop files and send to the maintainers.
With maintainers I mean the programme and the package maintainers.
This will let other distro's also profit from this effort.

example: send gimp.desktop to gimp fedora and gimp

Wiki example:

Name=IRC Client
GenericName=IRC Client

Name=X-Chat IRC Client
GenericName=IRC Client
Comment=For chatting on IRC

PS: if everything goes to plan the new desktop files can be in FC3

Lupus (Kristof Vansant Belgium)

Vraag van de week: Welk soort project zou jij financieel ondersteunen? http://www.msn.be/microsoft/potential/default.asp

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