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Re: dovecot default authentication change

Phil Anderson wrote:

I just upgraded my system from FC1 to Test 3, and it broke my dovecot
installation.  When I looked in the system log, it was immediately
obvious.  The default authentication in dovecot has changed from passwd
authentication to be postgres.

What is the reason for this?  The best thing that dovecot has going for
it is that it requires no setup, compared to cyrus-imap.  Now that this
default behaviour has changed, it changes this.

Is this intentional?  Or has it just been transfered from upstream?  In
which case, I think Fedora should have passwd authentication by default.

Any thoughts on this?


Good catch! In reviewing the revision history it appears this came from upstream. I am guessing this is totally not what we want shipping in Fedora as postgresql based authentication is far less common and more difficult to use than passwd. I will see if I can fix this... already very close to absolute development freeze. =(


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