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Re: systematic Kerberization

> * cups

This is what I last saw on the subject -  I thought something else had
recently happened too:

> * evolution + mozilla (LDAP-bind with GSSAPI based auth) (maybe
>   already added; there passed some time since my last tests)
> * all the mail-notifier which are accessing IMAP/POP3 mailboxes

This exists. yes.

> * cups
I see a trend ;)

> * dovecot (??)
Timo is finishing 1.0 now, I'm not sure if he's implemented gssapi
support or not.

> * cups
hmm - indeed :)

> * ssh
I agree - having these in by default would be handy but I'm not sure
they're in upstream

> * CVS gserver is not runnable as non-root (a small LD_PRELOAD hack
>   which overloads getuid()/getgid() helps; but native functionality
>   would be nice) --> perhaps the alternative version management systems
>   (subversion, arch) need kerberos support also

subversion will need the 'server side' which I think is the subversion
or webdav module to be kerberized, too.

> aah.. nearly I forgot one: cups


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