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re: Help Needed: Firefox 0.8 and Thunderbird 0.6


>For example, we have made this kind of very successful partnership
>three upstream gaim developers.  They are automatically added to all 
>Fedora gaim bug reports, and have helped us immensely to be very 
>responsive to user bugzilla reports and package fixing.  (Currently 
>there are ZERO open gaim reports in FC!)
>Warren Togami
>wtogami redhat com

This is one of the main reasons I began to become involved in Fedora.

Speaking only of Scribus, I want to know of *any* issues so that: a. we
can determine if it is a Fedora specific or packaging problem. b. make
Fedora aware of updates and new releases. c. provide a work around if

Once CVS is opened, this is something IMO which needs to be formalized.
Every project should have at its option the ability to be cc'd on all
bug reports relating to their package. 

Our experience with Debian and Scribus is instructive. There were
unknown to us for a long time, many stale bug reports in Debian's
tracker for Scribus. We also received a disproportionate amount of
complaints and issues from Debian users.

Scribus now has an outstanding Debian maintainer, who has worked very
closely with us to resolve most all the issues. Results: happy users,
fewer issues.


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