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Re: Latest tree broke rpm?

On Wed, 2004-05-12 at 04:07, Radu Greab wrote:
> Matthias Saou wrote:
> > 
> > I think such glibc knowledge would be useful to track down something
> > funny that has been seen when trying to run a FC1 chroot on a FC2 test
> > host... can't point to the discussion as sf.net lists seem to have
> > stopped archiving, though :-(
> > Basically all applications in the FC1 root segfault, and this doesn't
> > happen with FC2test or RHLx roots and is reproducible. If it rings a
> > bell, pointers are welcome ;-)
> > 
> The problem is caused by the FC1 old glibc running on a VDSO enabled
> kernel. Disabling vdso (sysctl -w kernel.vdso=0) before creating the FC1
> root and building inside it seems to be a good enough solution. 

Woah, thanks ! I was tearing my hair out trying to debug this.  I had
noticed that ldd seemed to claim everything was linked to
linux-gate.so.1, and had already figured out that this was some
kernel-provided dynamic .so, but I was unable to find much useful info
on linux-gate.so.1

I don't seem to find a lot about what vdso is either; could you please
enlighten me and point me to some locations where I can read up about
this feature ?

Anyway, this fixed our mach problems, so I'll look at integrating this


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