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Re: Choosing rpm-release for fc1 and fdr add-on rpms

On Wed, 12 May 2004 12:41:42 +0200, Ralf Corsepius wrote:

> Therefore I want to choose these rpms release tags in such a way that
> they "play it nicely" with Fedora Core and Fedora Extras.
> I.e. I want choose my rpm tags in such a way, that Fedora
> Core/Updates/Extras/Legacy packages shall replace my rpms once Fedora
> Core/Updates/Extras/Legacy should release the same packages.

That's what the fedora.us package naming guidelines address. You can find
the Fedora Legacy package naming guidelines on their own website.
> Theoretical example: Suppose the legal situation of a package changes,
> and you would consider to move this package from Livna to Fedora Extras.
> How would you deal with that?
> ATM, Fedora/Stable uses 0.fdr.x.1, Livna uses 0.lvn.y.1.

It's the classical "repotags suck" example. :)

Similarly, disttags cause problems too, so preferably the ".fdr"
and ".lvn" would be dropped.

> You could increase the actual "release number" (use 1.fdr.*) - AFAIU,
> this would contradict the Fedora.US versioning policy, because it would
> cause problems with Fedora Core.

Which would be fine nevertheless, since at some point in time, a bit of
coordinating would not hurt and existing packages in fedora.us should not
be ignored.
> Or to bring it to the point: Which release-tag do you (Fedora US)
> recommend for my purposes?

Stick to the current one for the time being.

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