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Re: On disttags (was: Choosing rpm-release for fc1 and fdr add-on rpms)

On Thu, May 13, 2004 at 02:54:11AM -0300, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> I can only speak for myself, but the reason I'd like to have separate
> Alternatives would be to enable myself to keep a rawhide install plus
> add-ons, such that, if some package from rawhide fails, I know the
> problem is in rawhide, not in an external repository that accidentally
> or intentionally brought in a different version of a library, program,
> whatever.

This sort of thing is where apt really shines.  On my desktop systems,
I like to be able to pull packages from freshrpms.net, since Matthias
still has some packages that aren't available from fedora.us or
livna.org.  He has a lot of packages in common with fedora.us and
livna.org though, so I use the following /etc/apt/preferences:

Package: *
Pin: release c=os
Pin-Priority: 992

Package: *
Pin: release c=stable
Pin-Priority: 991

("os" is Fedora Core stuff (apparently a lot of apt repositories are
using "core" now), and "stable" is fedora.us/livna.org.)

With that, apt will prefer packages from Fedora Core over any of the
other repositories, and fedora.us/livna.org packages over anything

I've been using this setup for quite a while now, and it works great.
Now if only I could use apt on my x86-64 boxes...  :-)

Steven Pritchard - K&S Pritchard Enterprises, Inc.
Email: steve kspei com             http://www.kspei.com/
Phone: (618)398-7360               Mobile: (618)567-7320

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