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Re: Menu Policy - please read if you maintain a package with a .desktop file in it!

> I wouldn't expect most users to edit the menu at all.  They'll just use
> the default.

*boggle* what is the threshold to move from new user to power user - it
seems it is set a bit too low.

Just b/c someone likes a different application doesn't mean they're
skilled enough to find it buried 10 layers deep.

> Again, I don't think most users are going to want to spend time
> evaluating various applications.

Ok - so I have to ask - how many user interactions have y'all had?
(y'all == the people deciding this policy?)

I interact with users everday - more importantly users of desktop linux
systems and they pick over the apps all day until they find one they
like, then they cling to it like lichen on a cave wall.

> If they have a preferred application, they're more of a power user. 
> Probably something like the MacOS "Applications" folder would be a good
> solution here, as Rex suggested.

preferring an application makes someone a power user?

What is your scale for going from new user to power user? could you
explain it b/c I think we're working at VERY different definitions.


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