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Re: Module symbol versions in installer kernel

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On Friday 14 May 2004 23:09, Paul Gear wrote:
> I have a module that works fine after install, but can't be used in the
> installer (either by plain insmod or by creating a driver disk) due to
> the fact that it is looking for versioned module symbols that aren't
> there.
> I have read all of the documentation i can find on this, but can't find
> anything relevant in my searches due to the fact that the keywords are
> too common and thus the results are not specific enough.
> Could you please spare me a couple of minutes to explain what is going
> on or point me to some relevant documentation?

When a kernel module is compiled, part of the compilation is to check the 
kernel version that it is compiling against and set that in the module 
information.  Modules can only be loaded into kernels that they are 
compiled for.  The installer uses one kernel version (uname to find out), 
while the installed system uses another.  Thus, your module that works in 
the installed system will not load in the installer.  So, you need to 
build your module against a kernel source tree that is A) configured for 
the install time kernel, and B) has the version set to such in the top 
level Makefile.

I hope this clears it up a bit for you.

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