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Re: Problems with up2date

I'm not sure about the major release version that you have, i.e., "2"... you might wanna change that to "development"

the directory "2" is currently not available because core 2 is not yet a "go"...... or at least i wasn't able to access it on ibiblio.org. but yea, rawhid is still under development

so yea, check out /etc/yum.conf and change the settings appropriately. did you, btw, change the "$releasever" into "2"?

see ya,

At 05:16 AM 5/14/2004, you wrote:

Since 3 days ago, from the last upgrade of up2date, whenever I try to run it, the result is the following:

[root 200-207-17-55 casimiro]# up2date --update
using mirror: http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/fedora/linux/core/2/i386/os/
using mirror: http://mirror.eas.muohio.edu/fedora/linux/core/updates/2/i386/
There was a fatal error communicating with the server. The message was:
An HTTP error occurred:
URL: http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/fedora/linux/core/2/i386/os//headers/header.info
Status Code: 404
Error Message: Not Found

I tried to manually download up2date from fedora and run rpm -Uvh... but the result is the same.

Looking for the pointed URL, it really doesn't exist (was directory moved without notice ???)


Casimiro Barreto

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Paul Rigor
pryce ucla edu
Go Bruins!

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