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Fedora Tracker (big) Update

Hey folks,

Well, I've been working off-and-on for the last couple of months to
implement feedback I've gotten from people on this list, along with a
few features that I've deemed necessary. 

All-in-all I think things have worked out pretty nicely and believe that
tracker is just about ready for prime-time. I'd like everybody to take a
look at the latest changes and report any problems or major suggestions
asap. If nobody gives me a good reason not to, I'm going to start
shouting from the rooftops in an attempt to make the resource known and
we can start seeing how it handles under an actual load. 

One known issue is that a few repositories like the livna non-us didn't
index when I rebuilt the db. I'm working on it.

The url, as always is: http://www.fedoratracker.org/

Changelog highlights follow:
* The repo search page now has an option to generate apt/yum config
files for matching repos.

* Package and repo description search fields now support negation by
prepending '!' to any non-regex criteron. For example, you can search
for "game !rpg !puzzle".

* Package name searches are regex searches by default, so a search for
"gnome" will match *gnome* instead of nothing.

* There is no longer a field for searching by filename in the package
search dialog. Removing the need to join the repo and package tables
with the file table (which at last count had about 1.4 million records!)
has _vastly_ improved search performance. Look for searching by filename
to be added as its own search mode soon.

* The repo and package search pages now have fields for searching by
Fedora release number. These fields default to searching version 1
repositories. This will change once FC2 and co become more widely used.

* To prevent users from accidentally installing unstable packages, any
repo with "unstable", "testing" or "bleeding" in the description will be
skipped in repo or package searches by default. This is changable with a
checkbox. Eventually I would like to have a simple unstable/stable (or
something like that) chooser for when repos are added instead of
searching repo description. For now, just mind your wording when adding
a new repo (and DO use those keywords where appropriate!!) 

* On the back-end I am just working the final kinks out of having
tracker-process recognize and update the db entries for repositories
that have added or removed packages. 

Some things on my TODO (in rough order of priority):
* Some repos didn't index when the db was rebuilt. Fix.

* Add a new search mode for searching by filename

* Change the various search interfaces to be static html pages instead
of modes of the script. This should improve performance under heavy

* The requires,provides and obsoletes fields are now stored for each
package, but currently nothing is done with them. I'd like to at least
let the user print out their values, similarly to how the changelog
field is currently handled.

* (probably related to #1) Currently some repos fail to index because
tracker-process.py doesn't provide a useragent string. Fix. 

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out,
-- Brad 

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