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Re: Menu Policy - please read if you maintain a package with a .desktop file in it!

> Moreover, what if they already have a preferred application? But it's
> not the 'preferred one' by your standards. How are they supposed to find
> it?

Maybe all that needs to be done is expand the "Preferred Applications"
app where it will dynamically recognize all apps installed for a
particular "user function".

For example imagine a user function such as a web browser:

When the user enters into preferred apps they see every recognizable
browser that is installed on the OS. From this point there could be a
radial button that allows the user to:

1) view the default app for this function
2) view all installed apps for this function
3) view only the selected apps for this function

This covers the basic users who will normally use the default, to users
want everything, to users who want just certain apps shown in the menu.


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