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Re: Anaconda (kickstart handling) idea.

On Tue, 2004-05-18 at 10:42 +0900, Naoki wrote:
>     I've got one idea and one problem, first the idea is I want pass 
> something like this upon booting from CD :
> "linux ks=http://website/"; 
> And then I want anaconda to show me the directory listing and let me 
> select a kickstart file.

One problem with this is that you're not guaranteed to get a directory
listing.  In fact, even if you do, it's likely to be an HTML document.
This makes things a lot more tricky.

> The problem I have is I don't know python. I'm looking inside stage 2 
> and I'm taking a gander at "usr/lib/anaconda/kickstart.py" but I think 
> I'm in the wrong place. 

Yep, the kickstart config gets pulled before the second stage (so that
you can know where to get the second stage from).  So look in the
loader2 directory which is all C.

I'm not completely convinced of the viability, though, for some of the
other reasons stated in the thread.



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