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Re: Anaconda (kickstart handling) idea.

Brad Smith wrote:

Mind you that the whole idea of kickstart is to be non-interactive when
done correctly, and your idea blows that to smithereens. I think you
could better use DNS to select the best ks.cfg, see man dhcpd.conf,
although that would be less flexible.

Shouldn't that be DHCP, not DNS ?? :)
Actually it's quite easy to use dhcp to select the correct kickstart file. I've included a working example from our dhcp server:

group {
option domain-name-servers;
# Server where kickstart file resides
next-server kickstartserver;
# Kickstart filename
filename "/a/home/kickstartserver/RedHat/kickstart/delta_frontier_1200-6.2.ks";
# Router (gateway)
option routers centauri;

host whatever {
hardware ethernet 00:00:00:00:00:00;
fixed-address whatever;


I've anonymized the data, for our own protection, but the example should be quite easy to follow. Please notice, that kickstartserver is the server, where the kickstartfile resides. In our setup, it's also the server where the install files is located, and the same server also runs an apache server, which only serves to provide the install files via http.

Another way is to use pxe installation:


I prefer to use pxe installation, as I can sit on my flat butt, when proberly configured, and reinstall all the machines...

...a couple of other suggestions:

Remember that the other end of the url you give kickstart doesn't need
to be a static file. It can be a cgi script that writes a custom ks.cfg
based on url arguments, dns, subnet, or whatever.

Also, I once had a student who wrote self-writing kickstart files. by
having the %pre script modify /tmp/ks.cfg based on, well, whatever.

That said, while I agree that the point of kickstart is to be
non-interactive, I don't think it would "blow that out of the water" to
have one non-default mode of operation that employs an interactive, but
very useful, menu system with less trouble than burning a custom
boot.iso every time you want to add an option.


In our setup, we also loads a custom %post script into the kickstart file, to setup the machine to our liking...


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