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midnight commander UTF-8 patches and more


Vladimir Nadvornik has made available a few patches to complete / fix
the utf-8 patches for the midnight commander at
http://www.suse.de/~nadvornik/mc.html . The largest of these (utf8-input
patch) does not entirely patch against FC1's mc, but please have a look
anyway. It's probably not too hard to fix these rejects.

Vladimir also helped me fix one and a half issue (hotkey binding /
ampersand badness) with a very simple patch which is inlined in
http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=120735 .

How about the Red Hat patches for mc? Will these be merged with upstream
before mc-4.6.1? Maybe it's a good idea to join efforts. Vladimir will
work on the patches in a couple of weeks.

Finally a remark on a couple of other mc issues in bugzilla. The issues
below have attached patches and/or are easy fixes and IMO should be
included in the next update of mc for FC1 and FC2. Also see
http://www.ottolander.nl/bughunt/index.php?package=mc for reference.

Two times \0 inserted out of range:
INFO/OBSOLETES always empty in #rpm view:
out dated file in the rpm package:


mount -t life -o ro /dev/dna /genetic/research

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