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Re: Upgrading FC1 to FC2: Severe problem with modules

Trying to send this again...

On Wed, 2004-05-19 at 12:24, Arjan van de Ven wrote:
> \
> > I added an RFE for the tmscsim module along with the general "missing
> > SCSI modules shouldn't make an upgrade unbootable" bug.  From skimming
> > various lists and googling around, it looks as though the tmscsim module
> > wasn't ported until relatively late in the cycle (2.6.0-rc3, if I
> > remember correctly).  I'm going to try recompiling the RawHide rpms with
> > it enabled and see how that goes later today
> if you can let us know...
> we disabled a bunch of the "semi/unported" scsi modules, because that is
> more benign behavior than randomly crapping all over your important data
> on your disk, which is what non or wrongly ported modules do ;(

The current (2.6.6-1.370) RawHide kernel works with the tmscsim module
(from what I can tell).  The only thing I have attached to it is a
CD-ROM drive and so I can't tell if the problems I'm having are related
to that or the driver.  I can mount and read data CDs w/o a problem,
playing audio cds works but ripping them with cdda2wav and cdparanoia
does not (same problems others were having for IDE or USB drives). 
Ripping with cdrdao works, however. Since Sound Juicer uses gstreamer
which uses libcdparanoia to rip, none of those work either.

On a similar note: the firewire modules work wonderfully (YMMV) on my
Sony VAIO laptop, even hotplugging the CD drive works (well, the device
is detected and mountable, updfstab isn't run unless kudzu finds it on
boot).  Haven't tried burning with that yet, but it's on my list.


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