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python dependency for packages

The below is an example of an explicit python dependency to automatically Require a compatible version of python at build time, from fedora.us python-bsddb for FC1. Any opinions if this is a good solution in general for packages that require python?

<warren> %define pyver %(python -c 'import sys ; print sys.version[:3]')
<warren> %define pynext %(python -c 'print %{pyver} + 0.1')
<warren> Requires: python >= 0:%{pyver}, python < 0:%{pynext}
<warren> any idea why the < part?
<mschwendt> because it is expected to conflict with next version of python
<mschwendt> ehm, be incompatible, not conflict
<warren> why not python = %{pyver} then?
<mschwendt> because of minor python versions between %pyver and %pynext
<warren> are we talking Version changes?
<warren> 2.3.1 to 2.3.2?
<mschwendt> yes
<warren> And there's no python command that can display the major.minor of the current python instead?
<warren> [warren ibmlaptop warren]$ python -c 'import sys ; print sys.version[:3]'
<warren> 2.3
<mschwendt> compare that with rpm -q --provides python
<mschwendt> e.g. python = 2.2.3-7
<warren> mschwendt, your explicit dependency is missing the trailing -%{release}, then it compares only the %{version}
<mschwendt> the package requires python version X, with: 2.2 <= X < 2.3
<warren> argh... okay I understand now.

John Dennis wrote:
Update of /cvs/pkgs/rpms/mailman

Modified Files:
mailman.spec Log Message:
make python prereq be at least 2.3

Index: mailman.spec
RCS file: /cvs/pkgs/rpms/mailman/mailman.spec,v
retrieving revision 1.29
retrieving revision 1.30
diff -u -r1.29 -r1.30
--- mailman.spec 19 May 2004 01:25:22 -0000 1.29
+++ mailman.spec 20 May 2004 17:51:51 -0000 1.30
@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@
Summary: Mailing list manager with built in Web access.
Name: mailman
Version: 2.1.5
-Release: 2
+Release: 3
Epoch: 3
Group: Applications/Internet
Source0: ftp://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/mailman/mailman-%{version}.tgz
@@ -57,8 +57,8 @@
URL: http://www.list.org/
BuildRoot: %{_tmppath}/%{name}-root
Prereq: shadow-utils, /usr/bin/newaliases, /usr/bin/crontab, /sbin/chkconfig, /sbin/service
-Requires: webserver, python >= 2.2.1, mktemp
-BuildPrereq: python-devel >= 2.2.1
+Requires: webserver, python >= 2.3, mktemp
+BuildPrereq: python-devel >= 2.3
%description Mailman is software to help manage email discussion lists, much like
@@ -304,6 +304,9 @@
%attr(0755 root root) /etc/rc.d/init.d/mailman
+* Thu May 20 2004 John Dennis <jdennis redhat com> 3:2.1.5-3
+- make python prereq be at least 2.3
* Tue May 18 2004 Jeremy Katz <katzj redhat com> 3:2.1.5-2
- rebuild

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