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Re: safe to remove IPV6 from kernel?

Stan Bubrouski wrote:
Quick query, as the title suggests I'm wondering if its safe to remove
ip6 from kernel in FC2 + devel?

This is not a topic suitable for fedora-devel-list, because you appear to be doing something unsupported for yourself and would not otherwise

So I'd be alone in having no use for ipv6? doubtful.

We will not be removing functionality in order to accomodate YOUR needs. I personally don't use 70% of the drivers supplied in the kernel, or maybe 40% of the packages in FC, but I realize other people do use and appreciate it being there.

That being said, Open Source gives you the freedom to customize and optimize the software to your desires, and nobody can stop you. In most cases however, it would be off-topic for this list.

contribute any improvement value to development of the Fedora Project.

So you feel this question is of no value?  Lot's of people have no use
for ipv6 at this point in time.  People rebuild kernels all the time and
ask questions here.  How is this any different?

This is off-topic for fedora-devel-list, because it does not contribute anything toward the general improvement of Fedora development. Many other posts and entire threads on fedora-devel-list lower the signal to noise ratio, and as a result high level developers have decided to avoid reading this list entirely. That is a loss to overall communication and transparency.

As a result, I and other Fedora maintainers will be increasingly frankly reminding list membership about proper list usage.

It may be on topic for fedora-list.

Or maybe they'll say why aren't you posting it to -devel since I'm using
latest -devel packages.

Because it is a devel package that you are talking about, then fedora-test-list is the proper place to discuss it. That list is for both rawhide and test release discussion.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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