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Cannot rip with *actual* SCSI CD-ROM drives

I'm inclined to think that the tmscsim module works as well as at least
one other module included in the Fedora kernel.  I swapped out my Tekram
adapter for an Adaptec AHA-7850 and am seeing exactly the same problems
ripping CDs.  To summarize:

1) The CD ROM drive shows up in everything (except /proc/scsi/scsi) as
"Unknown CD Drive"
2) Ripping from it in any program other than cdrdao doesn't work.

Even with the sg module loaded, the drives aren't seen by it. It must be
possible to rip from these drives, but I certainly can't figure out how
w/o sg.  Are more/different patches for cdparanoia needed to handle
this?  It sucks because the only reason I have the SCSI card at all is
for my Plextor CD-ROM drive which *still* rips 10 times faster than even
the fastest IDE CD drive I've found (and it's almost 8 years old).  It's
a lot better with the 2.6 kernel than it was with 2.4, but is still
significantly slower than the SCSI drive.

Using strace on cdparanoia and cdda2wav, it appears as though they both
fail when attempting to open the "sg" device O_RDWR|O_EXCL whereas
cdrdao only ever opens it O_READ|O_EXCL. Don't know if that helps at
all, but there it is.

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