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Re: safe to remove IPV6 from kernel?

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On Friday 21 May 2004 19:50, Stan Bubrouski wrote:
> First of all I'm sick of this attitude Warren.  I wasn't asking YOU to
> remove IPv6 from the kernel.  My question was if I remove it, am I going
> to face problems...

He wasn't answering your question, he was pointing out that this is not the 
proper list for such discussion.  This is something we as a community need 
to crack down on.  Specific lists were set up for specific tasks.  Unless 
we want all the developers and Red Hat folk to run back to internal hidden 
lists where they are free from the "2 second questions" that are not 
related to Fedora Core development, we need to keep on topic on this list 
and stress this to others that stray.

> >   I personally don't use 70% of the drivers supplied in the kernel, or
> > maybe 40% of the packages in FC, but I realize other people do use and
> > appreciate it being there.
> Yeah again you miss the point.

Actually you both kind of do.  Warren somewhat misread your comments when 
you stated that other people wouldn't want to hear.  He thought you meant 
that ipv6 should be removed to service these other people, while you 
thought that other people would want to hear the answer.  Other people can 
hear the answer in fedora-list or fedora-test (depending on if you're 
using a released kernel or a test/development kernel).  Issues regarding 
mainline Fedora and the future/current development of upstream Fedora Core 
is the topic of this list, not personal customization of Fedora.

> Maybe it is because when they ask a legitimate question you send them
> away?

Legitimate questions are addressed.  Off-topic posts will be redirected.  
Hopefully most don't react the way that you do, but it is an unfortunate 
side effect of trying to straighten out the lists.

> All I asked was if it was safe for me to remove IPv6 from latest test
> kernel, I don't see how asking a question about development kernel is
> suited for the fedora-list...

If it is a development or test kernel, direct your attention to 
fedora-test.  If it is an issue you wish to address for upstream Fedora, 
by all means bring it up here.  What you ask may seem very important to 
you and your install, others may find it important to their install, 
Fedora developers do not find it important to upstream Fedora.  Please 
don't take offense to topic redirection, as you can see things will 
quickly get out of hand.

> You just told me in your previous e-mail to use the fedora-list when I
> clearly stated I was talking about a development kernel.  I can see why
> people don't post questions to these lists when all they get is attitude
> and a never-ending run around.  You don't seem to know where I should
> post this question, how am I suppost to?

I didn't even see that you were using a development kernel.  The version 
wasn't given that I could see.  Easy mistake.

> All I was looking for was a Yes or No not your opinion on everything
> except what I actually ask.  This could have a been a *2* message
> thread...instead you turned into a crapfest by not reading my e-mails
> carefully and being rude for me asking a VERY SIMPLE question.

What may seem like a simple question spawns a long discussion that is off 
topic.  Many such noise threads start here and spew into never ending 
noise that drives off valid and proper discussion.  Was the question 
simple?  Yes.... in a ways.  Was it on topic?  No.  Did it spawn even 
further discussion on the subject which is even further off topic?  Yes, 
and probably will so for at least another few days.

Please don't take offense and help us redirect discussion to their proper 
locations.  Yes I know the documentation is horrible for what subjects go 
to which lists, so please bear that in mind when you get redirected, or 
when you redirect somebody else.


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