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Self-Introduction: Noa Resare

Full legal name: Noa Daniel Johannes Resare
Country, City: Sweden, Linköping
Profession or Student status: Currently unemployed :/

My goals in the Fedora project:
* I intend to package software that I use that is missing from
* fedora.us or fc core.
* Yes, QA is ok with me.

Historical qualifications:
My contributions to linux/redhat/fedora has been up and down depending
on my work and family situation. Thins I've done.
* Some translation work to Swedish, notably grep and parts of gpg.
* I did corefonts.sf.net
* Set up http://bugzilla.fedora.us/

pub  1024D/A1906F09 2004-02-14 Noa Resare <noa resare com>
  Key fingerprint = F3C4 AC90 B885 FE15 344B  4D05 220B 7662 A190 6F09


Ps. A while ago i changed first name from Daniel to Noa (actually I
added Noa). When doing so I created a new gpg key. The old one, with id
0x9B8DEC2A is signed by Warrren Togami, and that one signs my new one so
I suppose I'm already in the web of trust.

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