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Re: Prepackaged configurations

> We do many of the same things with CFengine. The one thing I have found 
> is that the syntax of CFengine really needs a good washing. It is 
> somewhat inconsistant as the authors have added features and not fixed 
> the parser any. 

Something we started working on at duke but kinda got sidetracked as
other work tookover was an xml format for describing some of things w/i
a machine configuration and running certain processes.

The goal was then you could easily design an interface to take those xml
descriptions and manufacture a configuration.

xml is nice for making a configuration files that programs can
consistently edit and re-read.

There is also a short format for something I'd like to include in the
next version of yum - it's just a way to build queues of processes to
run as a single transaction.
 install foo
 remove bar
 update baz
 groupinstall foogroup

so it can compile all of those into one transaction and run them.

David Christian worked on the format and commands and I want to make it
(and a bunch of other things) in there.

so a thought to a format that easily configured and managed by a program
and also human editable is a good idea.

no need to create a new file format like cfengine did.


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