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Re: Prepackaged configurations

On Sat, 2004-05-22 at 21:43, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Some possible approaches:
>  A. documentation. We just write down how to build each 
>     configuration, possibly providing an example kickstart file.
>     Put these documents in a common location with a standard
>     naming scheme, etc.
a steb-by-step howto and including config files for current release will
make it quite easy.

this would be good to have because
- easy to implement now and have it in FC3 
- needed anyway for all other approaches? One needs to know the
difference from default setup to a prepackaged configuration, and it can
be seen from the step-by-step docs.

>     Downsides: doesn't provide the automation, so no "out of the box"
>     experience; 
perfect "out of the box" would be hard I think, as user might need some
custom configuration changes. With step-by-step, he can learn about the
system and adjust settings along the way.

> doesn't clearly make one developer/maintainer 
>     responsible for whether the config works and what it's like.
why not? One person will maintain each prepackage config docs, as one
maintains a rpm now.

>     Upside: relatively easy
yes, and doable now. If we aim for an  out-of-the-box working config,
it'll take several releases to have it working properly. Let's keep it
simple, this is an excelent step forward!

Marius Andreiana
Galuna - Solutii Linux in Romania

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