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Re: Request for Packages in Fedora Core 3

> Scribus - The first modern DTP package for Linux.  This is an 
> essential for myself and many others moving from commercial 
> operating systems.  More than any other package, I would love to see 
> this included.  It will help you win converts...

I agree that it should be included but probably not as a default
application due to its Qt status. It just doesn't integrate with the
Gnome environment which is default in Fedora i.e. no Drag and drop
functionality as in KDE. 

> KIllustrator or Sketch - Vector graphics would be very good.  I 
> understand one of these products has as much functionality as GIMP but I 
> am not sure which.  Open Office's drawings do not suffice.

I think you're referring to Sketch. Again Sketch would be a better
choice over the KDE app.

> Ardour or Audacity for audio manipulation.

Agreed - some good music/audio apps would add more depth to the packages
available and appeal to a certain niche.

FedoraForum.org Administrator

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