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Reduce "Core" to 1 Binary CD? -- WAS: Request for Packages in Fedora Core 3

[ This is a tangent based on this post:  
from the original thread that started with this post:  

Steven Pritchard wrote:  
> Although, again, I don't think it makes a bit of sense to have an
> app like Scribus in Core.  It's definitely Extras material in my mind.
> Of course, at this point I'm thinking OpenOffice, Gimp, and various
> other things are looking like nice targets for Extras.  4 CDs for
> Core?  :-)

Steven brings up a larger issue.  With Fedora going to the "distributed"
model, at what point do we start to try (if at all?) to "reduce" the
size Fedore "Core" (FC)?

I mean, is there a reason we need to maintain a 3+ CD set for FC, just
as to match the "legacy" design of old Red Hat Linux (RHL)?

I personally would like to see "Core" reduced to a _single_ binary CD.

Maybe call it Fedora "miniCore" (FmC)?**
Or maybe Fedora Quark (FQ)?   I kinda like that better.

But that is a larger issue for the steering committee.

BTW, I hope I'm not the first one to suggest this?
>From Steve's post, I assume not.

-- Bryan J. Smith, "Lurker"

**NOTE:  This is just a suggestion.  I'm not one to name things.

In fact, I was first going to suggest Fedora "microCore" instead of
Fedora "miniCore" but the common use of "u" as the character for "Mu"
for "micro" produces a rather "intersting" acronym -- i.e., "FuC".

Bryan J. Smith, E.I. -- b j smith ieee org

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