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Re: Reduce "Core" to 1 Binary CD? -- WAS: Request for Packages in Fedora Core 3

On Mon, 2004-05-24 at 06:45, Bryan J. Smith wrote:

> Steven brings up a larger issue.  With Fedora going to the "distributed"
> model, at what point do we start to try (if at all?) to "reduce" the
> size Fedore "Core" (FC)?
> I mean, is there a reason we need to maintain a 3+ CD set for FC, just
> as to match the "legacy" design of old Red Hat Linux (RHL)?
> I personally would like to see "Core" reduced to a _single_ binary CD.

Cristian has expressed a desire to 'trim down' the core. How much
it gets trimmed down is as-yet undetermined afaik. The one thing
holding us back on doing this right now is the lack of infrastructure
to support 'extras'.  Ie, we drop something from core, where does it go?

With extras in place, we can migrate many of/all the non-essential apps
there.  Another area that may need improvements would be package
installation.  Whilst up2date / yum / system-config-packages are
improving over time, people (including myself) still have various gripes
over what these packages do (or don't do) in various situations.

I'd really like to see us get to the stage where an install just
installs a bare-bones system[1], and after booting, firstboot runs
system-config-packages to pull in anything else we desire.
Moving the bulk of the package selection out of the installer.
I think I recall Jeremy being quite enthusiastic about this too
at various points in time, so who knows.. it could happen 8)


[1] Basically xorg, firstboot, system-config-packages and a probably a
handful of simple administration packages and their dependancies.

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