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Re: Reduce "Core" to 1 Binary CD? -- WAS: Request for Packages in Fedora Core 3

On Mon, 2004-05-24 at 14:09 -0300, Alexandre Oliva wrote:

> However, one of the good things about anaconda is that it asks all
> questions first, and then proceeds to install without any need for
> additional interaction, except for the click for reboot at the end.
> Adding a necessary firstboot step to select and install additional
> packages would add a second major interaction before the install can
> be said to be finished, followed by a potentially long delay as
> additional packages are downloaded and installed.  And then, probably
> yet another reboot just to make sure things are all set and in place.
> This sounds *very* undesirable to me.

This sounds a lot like Windows to me!  The fact that I can install a
Fedora/RH based server/desktop with a grand total of 3 reboots is
something I would very much like to maintain.  And those reboots are:
1) initial boot off the cd to start install
2) reboot at the end of install
3) reboot after applying all updates, config tweaks, etc to make sure
the system comes up exactly as planned.

I think the concept of moving less 'core' packages to the Extras CDs is
a pretty sane approach.  These packages are still part of the overall
distro so they go through the same build process, are on the pack of
CDs/download set that I'm using to install all of my systems, etc.  If
you start moving something like Openoffice in Extras and Extras handled
off a different web site, that becomes a 100+mb download for a box.
Sure, I can mirror that repo, or pull all of that stuff down but that
becomes cumbersome and inefficient.  If Extras is just really
non-mainstream type of stuff (say snort, kino, Nagios, etc), that's fine
to pull down.  Stuff that is likely to be desired on every desktop
should be in the main download set.

David T Hollis <dhollis davehollis com>

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