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Re: Reduce "Core" to 1 Binary CD? -- Don't change Core, but make CD #1 "standalone"

[ BTW, should this be on "users" instead?  My apologies if so. ]

I've seen a lot of good arguments here, from many angles.  The fact that
people don't have high-speed connections, the issues with moving stuff
to Extras, etc...

Basically, what I'm saying is that we probably should touch "Core." 
What is in "Core" is done.  There is no sense trying to remove bloat. 
We're just going to run into dependency hell.

But at what point shouldn't be consider maybe making a "Core subset"?
One that fits on a single CD.  It would not only be a standalone CD, but
it would also be Fedora Core CD #1 itself.

Surely we could fit a lot of functionality on a single CD.  Just the
basic utilities, X, GNOME and a few other things.  Just enough to get up
and running.  For those of us that might have a fast Internet
connection.  Or maybe we just want a "bare bones" install.

Heck, it might simply distribution altogether.  You'd just have:
1 CD Version:  Fedora Quark (or whatever you'all call it)
1 DVD Version:  Fedora Core (Quark CD #1 + all other CDs)

And for those that want the full CD set, the DVD version would include a
script to remaster all into CDs.  That way Red Hat could expedite
pushing to mirrors with a _single_ DVD .iso, that is then remastered
into both the CD .isos and ./os directories locally with that script.

Imagine all the reduced traffic.  And now some mirrors might just have
"Quark" instead of the full "Core," for users that do want to pull their
own, select packages.

Just an idea.  It could solve a lot of issues.

Bryan J. Smith, E.I. -- b j smith ieee org

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