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Re: Re: Reduce "Core" to 1 Binary CD? -- WAS: Request for Packages in Fedora Core 3

On Mon, 24 May 2004 14:46:44 -0500, Elliott Wilcoxon
<elliott wilcoxon org> wrote:
> Would the following scenario be possible?  FC(n+1) is released, small
> Core, large Extras.  Apt/yum repos go up with the new stuff.

A lot of discussion and ideas seems to center around being able to do
further upgrades cleanly, assuming a network connection.  I have no
with saying that yes...from now on fedora is going to demand that you
have broad band connectivity to do clean upgrades or installs. But if
thats going to be the case...lets just stop pretending that media sets
are important moving forward and wasting all this trouble screwing
around with installable media sets altogether.  If thats not going to
be the case... we need to think hard about how to do clean upgrades
using media sets where network connectivity is assumed.

I point to the vendors pages at fedora,redhat.com where vendors are
selling pressed install media as evidence of the importance of making
sure upgrades paths exist that do not invovle downloading potential 4
gigs of information to each client machine and then burning isos to
disk locally on client machines.  Doing the sort of customized iso
burning you are talking about seems great for people who have the
bandwidth to do it...but those people have the bandwidth to do a
network based install already they dont need custom isos.  And i think
the bittorrent lesson for fc2 release has some lesson about how
effective this sort of client side iso creation is going to be..on
release week. Pushing a bundle of pre-cooked isos around via torrent
is going to scale MUCH better than everyone trying to pull custom
package collection from the mirrors...ugh the first release to see
that option...im hiding that whole release week while people complaing
about not being able to get all their custom packages from the mirrors
due to mirror load.

If everything moving forward demands highband network connectivity to
be at all useful, then lets just state that and throw away isosets
altogether....in a world like that all we need is rescuecd.iso and the
restt can sit in a repo somewhere.


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