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Re: submount?

On Mon, 2004-05-24 at 19:48, Neal Becker wrote:

> I discovered submount when testing suse-9.1.  First, let me say, that 
> something like this is really needed for a non-geek desktop linux system.  
> Users expect that when they insert a CD it will be mounted, and that this 
> would work "out of the box".
> I don't know if submount is the "best" way to make this happen or not, 
> although I think maybe it is.

"Warning:Submount is still under development.   It has had moderate
testing so far.   If it crashes your system, destroys your data, or
causes your computer to go mad and try to murder you, the author is not

"SuSE was the first major distribution to include submount, and now is
the first to use it in the standard installation. (Now I get to find out
if millions of users expose bugs that haven't come to light yet. Yes, I
am paranoid.)"

This *really* fills me with confidence.  That and the fact it's had
no upstream (linux-kernel) review whatsoever.


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