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Re: Making Fedora Core CD #1 Standalone -- WAS: Reduce "Core" to 1Binary CD?

Bryan J. Smith wrote:
> Just to re-iterate, I was not talking about a Live CD.  That's not
> related to my recomendation for a "subset" of Core that weighs
> in at less than 500MB, has 0 dependencies on anything else, and would
> ideally be CD #1 in Fedora Core itself.

Actually that makes me wonder though what this 'core' is of fedora.

I've seen this core concept mentioned many times in this thread, and most
ppl do seem enthusiastic about the concept (though there are obvious bariers
to overcome, problems to solve etc). However i haven't seen anyone explain
what -they- see as a core.

A xorg, gnome basics, system-config-packages etc is all nice and dandy, but
ppl who want to setup a server without X would not be pleased by this system
at all.

Or if was a workstation, and the core CD only had those core apps, wouldnt
you always need the extra's cd's? (for say openoffice, mozilla, or whatever
is needed)

Another question, is there a seperate development cd? (auto*, gcc*
kernel-source, etc), or is that considered core functionality?

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