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Re: rpm groups and fedora: a modest proposal

> Only if the group field is useful...which it isnt, if yer suppose to
> stick with the canonical groupnames as mentioned in the parent post.
> Some yum mirrors understand yum's group commands that work of of
> comps.xml file definitions. Hell even if you are using a Fedora Core
> mirror with yum that doesnt support yum's group features you can steal
> the comps.xml file and stick it in yer yum cache and get the group
> functionality back.  Hell...you can even imagine having people create
> personalized comps.xml files for use with yum that regroup the same
> repository to better suit their needs. There is no reason that each
> repo can not define their own comps.xml groupings to be useful both as
> a way to group categories in a way that makes intuitive sense for that
> repository and to use as a metapackage installation method.  Usage of
> comps.xml files at all repositories makes sense, if there is any
> desire to make it possible for people to use 3rd party media sets at
> install time (at some point in the future) or when
> system-config-packages gets rebaked to include support for repos.

To that point.

That script lets you relatively easily generate your own yumgroups.xml

yum will merge groups files b/t repositories - but packages from any
repository can be listed in any yumgroups.xml file.


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