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Re: 3ware 9500

I have just looked at the kernel patched to 2.6.7-rc1-bk5 and it does not
appear that is the case, though I have not compiled and tested to be
absolutely sure, the device ids for the 9500's.

(#define TW_DEVICE_ID_9000 (0x1002) /* 9000 series controller */)

have not been added to 3w-xxxx header files in the main-line kernel.


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> >>>>> "PM" == Peter Maas <fedora rooker dyndns org> writes:
> PM> What is necessary to have to have these drivers added to the
> PM> redhat kernel(hopefully linus's kernel also)?
> They were accepted into the official kernel as of 2.6.7-rc1, so they
> will automatically make it into later Red Hat-built kernels.
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