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Re: 3ware 9500

>>>>> "PM" == Peter Maas <fedora rooker dyndns org> writes:

PM> I have just looked at the kernel patched to 2.6.7-rc1-bk5 and it
PM> does not appear that is the case, though I have not compiled and
PM> tested to be absolutely sure, the device ids for the 9500's.

Well, I recall that the new driver (3w-9xxx) made it into
2.6.6-mm(something) and then was listed in the 2.6.7-rc1-mm1 changelog
as being merged into mainline.  Currently rc1-mm1 has additional 3ware
patches in it:



I think these will percolate into the main tree with haste.  Note that
this is a new driver; you can't look in the old driver and find info
for these cards.

 - J<

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