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Re: Reduce "Core" to 1 Binary CD? -- WAS: Request for Packages in Fedora Core 3

Willem Riede wrote:  
> Why? I've read the barrage of mails this triggered, and I see
> absolutely no benefit. I can understand the desire to have a more
> minimal "minimal" install package set, and the packages that would be
> in that set will probably all sit on the first CD. But that doesn't
> translate into the need to limit the size of the distribution.

For companies who need a "base" to start with, I disagree.  Not many
companies want to install the entire "Core."  And by maintaining a
local "Apt" repository, there is little need to either.

> Convenience for those of us (like me) that use a more extensive
> package set should not be compromised.

And it will not since "Core" itself will _not_ be touched.
I too like to install the _full_ Fedora "Core" on my personal
workstations and servers at home.

But for a corporation which maintains its own configuration management,
this is not good IMHO.

That's why I suggested making this subset separate.  I called it
Fedora "Quark."  It is the "common denominator" that all other,
customized systems can be built from using other "Core" packages,
while offering a basic GUI (which the 90MB "minimal" install
does not).

Bryan J. Smith, E.I. -- b j smith ieee org

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