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Re: Various Fedora Extra changes (mailing list?), plus is APT now deprecated? (various responses)

Michael Schwendt wrote:  
> http://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/fedora-extras-announce-list
> As most (or all) new lists, it takes some time until somebody includes
> it in the public lists directory.

Yeah, I couldn't find it here:  http://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo  
I probably should have just tried variations until it came up, oh well.

Michael Schwendt wrote:  
> Until announced otherwise, Fedora Extras development is discussed on
> fedora-devel-list (since the old fedora-devel fedora us list was
> closed), and Fedora Extras related other topics can go on fedora-list.

Okay, I'll keep most of my Extras questions to fedora-devel then.
[ Other than this follow-up ]

William Hooper wrote:
> APT has never been part of Fedora Core and has always been an "Extra". 

I understand this, but just was curious on the reasons for preferring YUM.

Satish Balay wrote:  
> Also - does APT support the new metadata format?
Ralf Corsepious wrote:
> ATM, not that I know.
Satish Balay wrote:  
> Or is this a yum only thing
Ralf Corsepious wrote:
> De-facto: Yes.
Satish Balay wrote:  
> - which apt will never support?
> (I thought the new format was a common thing for all tools)
Satish Balay wrote:  
> There are rumors about people working on adding metadata repository
> support to apt, but "I ain't seen nothin' yet" :)

See, this is _exactly_ the info I'm looking for.
Does anyone have some good links to these details?
Appreciate it!

Bryan J. Smith                                    b j smith ieee org 
Subtotal Cost of Ownership (SCO) for Windows being less than Linux
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) assumes experts for the former, costly
retraining for the latter, omitted "software assurance" costs in 
compatible desktop OS/apps for the former, no free/legacy reuse for
latter, and no basic security, patch or downtime comparison at all.

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