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Re: Bastille

Chris Ricker writes:
> On Thu, 30 Sep 2004, Niki Rahimi wrote:
> > Hi Fedora folks,
> > I have been working on the Bastille-security hardening system for a
> > while now (www.bastille-linux.org). I am currently interested in the
> > enhancement of Bastille on Fedora as I see that it is not directly
> > available on the distribution install media at this time. I have been
> > working with Jay Beale, the lead developer of Bastille, on seeing that
> > the software is working properly on Fedora core installations.
> > I am curious to see what you all would think of the addition of
> > Bastille to the Fedora install media. If you have any questions on the
> > quality and/or useability of Bastille feel free to send me a note.
> Some of what bastille does would be better as just being made defaults for
> fedora
> For the rest, where it's going to go interactive, it would make more sense
> to look into integrating bastille into firstboot, rather than into the 
> installer
We need something better than First Boot if for no other reason than
First Boot is 100% inaccessible to anyone with a special interfacing
requirement. It's an accessibility nightmare and could not possibly pass
Sec. 508 muster in a U.S. Federal deployment.

Rather than adding to First Boot, we need to rethink First Boot.

				Janina Sajka, Chair
				Accessibility Workgroup
				Free Standards Group (FSG)

janina freestandards org	Phone: +1 202.494.7040

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